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Apartments for rent poselok gorodskogo tipa Gaspra

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Housings rentals at an affordable price

Urban village with a population of over 11 thousand people - a seaside Gaspra Despite the small area is rich in attractions. The famous Swallow's Nest - an architectural monument, a symbol of the southern coast, a film set for a dozen films. The castle is located on the edge of the cliff, like a medieval structure with its exterior and interior are equally fascinating. Another miracle stories - Golitsyn palace, name slot of the 19th century in the Gothic style. Preserved are also "echoes" even centuries BC: Taurus necropolis, or from the beginning of our era - the fortress Charax (1-3 century AD). Especially children, seeing this kind of buildings and masterpieces of nature, will be able to experience for a long time.

Conditions of living by flats daily rent

Before packing things, tourists decide a lot of organizational questions. What transport should we choose? Where to book tickets? Where rent a modern house daily? 
If you need apartments in minimalism style at the seaside or small oneroom flat in the downtown - we have dozens of variants. There are various prices, at different city districts, with diverse bundle. We have gathered the collection of different variants, but they have common advantages: standart household appliances, furniture, knick-knacks. Our main aim is to select the most profitable variant for living. Daily housing through the internet is the basis of your economy during travel. Especially this is important, if you travel to resort city, where there will be additional spending for excursions and entertainments. 

Where to look for flats from owners?

There is no need to pack linen or dishes, if you rent apartments from owners, you rent everything that there is in a flat. 
Do not  doubt your choice. All uncertainty concerning booking flats from owners through the internet lies in the lack of information. This spares your time. It is easy, regardless your user skills and it is safe, thousands of people rely on us. The most important is to simplify the process of renting a flat, so that everybody can easily orientate oneself and quickly solve questions. We work on this sphere several years, our experience and your desires - ideal tandem in searching for daily housing.
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